terzStiftung (CH)

terzStiftung was founded in 2007, operational active since 2008, is a non-profit members organisation which advises the elderly on the best services and products for different situations in live. terzStiftung has several thousands of members, aged 60 and older. Furthermore we have more than 300 terzScouts (group of persons, who test products and services, aged around about 65). The foundation is a pioneer project in Switzerland. terzScouts are unique here. Together with University of St. Gallen and Bern University of Applied Sciences terzStiftung is actually working on several projects. The scouts have fulfilled some jobs – for ex. for MIGROS (detail business), swisscom (biggest IT and communication company in Switzerland) and Dyson (white goods). Those tests were meant to prove that products or services were user-optimized. Therfore the end user filed trials with the elderly people still living at home, but with the need of  occasional ambulant services will be organized by terzStiftung. terzStiftung is fully aware of the problems in the caring sector due to demographic trends. And it is a crucial motivation for us to let the elderly live at home as long as possible. Mobility services (such as the planned CONFIDENCE service) are not yet part of the service portfolio of terzStiftung. The main motivation of terzStiftung is to offer such a service to its members and to participate in the project. terzStiftung believes that CONFIDENCE service may in the end be another pragmatic service product in the portfolio that helps members of the terzStiftung to considerable increase their quality of life.