Swisscom (CH)

As a leading and strongly rooted telecommunications company in Switzerland, Swisscom plays a formative role in the healthcare sector with its Health division. All parties benefit from our comprehensive digital and mobile healthcare solutions: consumers, service providers, insurance companies and other healthcare players. The product portfolio comprises solutions for personal health management, telemedicine, IT outsourcing and services, software as a service (SaaS), network solutions and business process outsourcing. We enable digitalisation of the processes and health data so that these data are always available wherever and whenever needed. This increases the efficiency of the processes and contributes to the quality of medical care. Applications and products for health, fitness and independent living/ambient assisted living (AAL) help individuals to enjoy a healthy, active and safe life. Today, more than 1,600 doctors, 100 hospitals, care services and insurance companies already use Swisscom’s mobile applications and networking solutions. Currently, more than three million documents a year are securely exchanged via the Swisscom platform.

Due to the demographic development, which has resulted in an ageing society, our customers have new needs. For this reason, Swisscom considers independent living as a strategically important area. With this project, Swisscom starts to develop AAL services for the market. Services for elderly people require new business models and a smart roll-out into the market. Swisscom is very experienced in the development of new business ideas from the business plan and the analysis of the market to the definition and development of novel service models and the deployment and provision of the services. Swisscom’s contribution in the Confidence project is therefore mainly focused on these domains leading the dissemination and exploitation Workpackage as well as the development of the community currency model.