Ralph Eichenberger Szenografie Cinematografie Fotografie (CH)

The company was established in 1999 and is located in Lucerne (Switzerland). Since 1995, we develop, design and realise projects for a broad variety of clients (companies, museums, governmental institutions) in the fields of exhibition design, film production, photography, graphic user interface, signaletics and product design. We collaborate with specialists from our nationwide network. Our main competencies include concept development, script writing, wire framing, object- and graphic design, production- and project management. 2010 we developed and launched the «Challenge Game», a game application for the «swiss air navigation services ltd.», which is installed at the museum of transport in Lucerne and will be further developed to a mobile application. All projects of Szenografie are very much focused on the needs of end customers/users (BtoC). Hence, we approach new projects entirely from the viewpoint of the user, with usability always at the centre of our attention. Furthermore, we are used to work in the field of research and prototyping and with our work for the iHomeLab and other clients, we have acquired substantial knowledge and experience in the development of graphical user interfaces. In CONFIDENCE, we see our role in setting up usability studies and in developing the graphical user interface (GUI) for the application for mobile devices. For the roll out of the CONFIDENCE service, a multimedia clip will be provided by Szenografie.