Raiffeisenlandesbank Kaernten -Rechenzentrum und Revisionsverband (AT)

Raiffeisenlandesbank is owned by 47 independent Raiffeisen banks in Carinthia. Raiffeisenlandesbank Kaernten is part of the Austrian Raiffeisen bank group which in turn is involved in Raiffeisenbank International AG. Raiffeisen International AG is active in 17 markets in Central and Eastern Europe. In these markets they have a nation-wide distribution network. The data center of Raiffeisen Landesbank Carinthia is the IT service provider for the Carinthia metropolitan area. They offer in-depth know how in the IT operation of security-sensitive systems in the banking sector: system availability, resilience, access security, and secure data storage. This knowledge is increasingly applied to the hosting of healthcare information systems.