Presence displays bv (NL)

Presence displays, based in Delft, The Netherlands was established in 2003, by a cooperation of videoconference/telepresence experts and social entrepreneurs. The company is committed to developing telepresence solutions to enable human contact over distance. Over the last years the company has developed new communication solutions for the elderly but also for sick children The recently launched iziphone is the first telepresence solution that enables the elderly to engage in social activities with family, friends and caregivers whenever they want. Care organizations, on the other hand, can provide customers over distances with the care they need. Likewise, the Webchair, a mobile video conferencing system allowing chronically ill children at home or in the hospital to be virtually linked back to their school and classmates, has been deployed in primary and secondary schools for students ageing 3-18. During the last 20 months, over 200 Webchairs have been successfully built and deployed in Holland, Germany, France, the USA and Belgium. In December 2008, this project, sponsored by Dutch telecom KPN and Apple, got nominated for the European e-Inclusion Award in Vienna. For worldwide commercialization of this educational technology, an own spin off company has been founded just recently. For developing these innovative solutions, Presence display has been teaming up with partners worldwide, including the University of Amsterdam, University of Twente, Utrecht School of Technical Design, University of Delft, Budapest university of economics and science, Cyprus Technical university, the Advanced human interface lab of Salzburg, the European Space Agency, Royal Dutch KPN and Apple. Thus, Presence displays is well positioned to develop, launch and bring to the market innovative products and technologies incorporating the telepresence concept.