ilogs mobile software GmbH (AT)

ilogs is an ICT company located in Austria (Klagenfurt and Vienna) which was founded in 2005. With about 30 highly educated employees, ilogs is focusing on developing software products in the eHealth domain. ilogs supports mobile social organizations (like the Red Cross or Caritas) to electronically execute their core processes, including electronic mobile care documentation, eHealth logistics (resource planning) and mobile time and effort recording based on smartphones or laptops. Currently, 10.000 care givers in Austria use ilog’s mobile technology MOCCA, a mobile solution for care personnel, for planning and scheduling, activity tracking, documenting and other administrative tasks. In addition, the company has also expertise in deploying location-based systems (GPS tracking) and the integration of sensor technologies like RFID or NFC. In 2011, ilogs also started to sell its products internationally. So far, ilogs has delivered innovative Software Services (SaaS) to healthcare organizations to increase the quality of organizational services and to reduce cost of the internal processes (e.g. mobile time recording). With CONFIDENCE, ilogs intends to also enter the market of end-consumers – mainly elderly people – with innovative ambient assisting living products. For CONFIDENCE, ilogs will provide competencies and experience in the development and integration of AAL systems and will bring in existing technology to efficiently establish the new CONFIDENCE platform. This includes a mobile middleware for reliable communication, a generic application framework to quickly develop new apps and knowledge for GPS based systems. Additionally, ilogs has excellent access to non-profit organizations (NPOs) which take care of elderly people. Liaising with these organizations will help to productize CONFIDENCE.