Ana Aslan International Foundation (RO)

Ana Aslan International Foundation (AAIF) is a non-profit, high-profile medical care and postgraduate education organization. The activities performed in the field of aging and brain-aging include clinical assistance, fundamental and applicative research, long-term care of frail and cognitively impaired elderly persons, academic and post-academic education, organization of top scientific events, consultancy for health care politics for seniors and editorial activities. AAIF structure comprises Ana Aslan International Academy of Aging (R&D department), the Hospital of Memory Impairment Diseases, the University Clinical Department of Old Age Psychiatry and one Clinical Ambulatory with a data base of 780 patients and a well-skilled multidisciplinary staff. Two of the 9 EC funded just accomplished research projects (EADC, ICTUS, DESCRIPA, K4CARE, SHARE-it, BrainAging, MobilSage, etc.) were in the eHealth and Assistive Technology area. AAIF is member of the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC) and the Romanian Representative of European Association for Predicted, Preventive and Personalised Medicine (EPMA). The AAIF’s research potential can fulfil tasks with the regard to the research protocols elaboration, identification of research methodologies, recruitment of research participants, implementing projects’ activities related to clinical practice, medical care and medical education, dissemination of the project / study results aimed to bring contribution to the outlining of a European standard sustained by IT and Communications (ITC) in the field of medical assistance for all citizens of an enlarged Europe and to the development of new guides in the system of medical care for assistance of patients using special medical equipment and personalised ITC devices. In CONFIDENCE, AAIF will mainly serve as an end user organisation, involved in target group definition, user requirements definition, carrying out field trials to test and validate the to-be-developed service infrastructure, and finally, trial evaluation.