31th May 2015

Good bye

How time flies! 3 years ago we started to work on our project Confidence. Since then a lot happend. 10 partners worked together to develop, implement, test and evaluate a mobility safeguarding assistance service with community functionality called Confidence. We look back on an intensive but successful time and are proud to were part of it. Now, we are looking foward to the future, curious about Confidence’ market entry and new projects which will follow!


13th February 2015

The last Consortium Meeting

In February we met the last time face-to-face in beautiful (but expensive) Zurich. We discussed a lot about the field trials which are still ongoing in Bucharest and last work we have to do within the project duration until June. But the meeting not just deals with the project work itself but also leads us to the future. Some partners are interested in bringing Confidence to the market, so we discussed a lot about IPRs and conditions which have to be clarified. The consortium is confident, that the system (or even parts of it) will be successful in the real world!


20th October 2014

2nd Field Trial

We are exciting again to see Confidence running under real-life conditions. This time the six-weeks trial focusses on measuring the effects the usage of Confidence has on the lifes of its users. Equipped with evaluation folders the end-users organizations tried to find the answers. We are curious about the results!


12th September 2014

Consortium meeting @ University Clinical Dept. of Geriatrics, Gerontology and Old Age Psychiatry and side event

After a little sleep the project team met at the premisses of Ana Aslan in order to start working on the project again. Despite the award there’s still work to do ;-).


Within the workshop “Bringing Together Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Solutions” Stefan H. presented results of the first Confidence field trials.


11th September 2014

The 2nd  Day of the Forum – the awards are ours!

The technical difficulties from yesterday are now forgotten – we won both the jury and public award – as a team!



10th September 2014

The 1st  Day of the Forum – an important day for Confidence

Viktoria presented our commercialization strategy within the session “Reaching out new markets”.


Rolf and Cornelia had their great appearance at the Award pitching session. Despite some technical problems they came through well.



5th September 2014

The Confidence team is looking forward to meeting you at the AAL Forum in Romania

Besides its nomination for the AAL Award, Confidence will be presented in track A1 – Reaching out new markets. Additionally, each visitor has the possibility to try out the solution at the iHomeLab booth.


9th July 2014

Confidence has been nominated for the AAL Award

This year Confidence is nominated for the AAL Award. The competition will take place on 10th September at the AAL Forum in Bucharest.



13th and 14th May 2014

Confidence Consortium Meeting in Klagenfurt (Austria)

The first day is mainly dedicated to organisational issues, first results of the first field trial, planning of the second field trials and business development. The second day is reserved for development issues (e.g. How to bring the community model to life? Additional features to be implemented? How to organize internal tests for field trials?).



4th April 2014

Confidence @ Lange Nacht der Forschung 2014

In the beginning of April the biggest Austrian science event “Lange Nacht der Forschung” took place. Interested audience could have a look into the work of universities, technical colleges and research institutions there. 234 places of issues could be visited. One of these places was hosted by Salzburg Research. There we had the possibility to present Confidence to a broad audience. We told about the project, answered questions and people could test the Confidence apps. Further the regional TV news showed a report about the event and also Confidence was part of this report.



10th March 2014

Confidence in the field – part 2

In Austria the Confidence devices changed from the rural area to the urban area. 25 primary end-users living in the city of Salzburg started to test Confidence for the next 6 weeks. As in the first test round the user are supported by Confidence Assistants from the Hilfswerk Salzburg. The 5 Assistants also uses Confidence smartphones to administer appointments of the primary end-users and test together with them “partner features”. The Swiss devices changed to Romania where 25 clients of the Confidence partner organization Ana Aslan International Foundation are looking forward to test Confidence for 6 weeks in their daily living. In Romania, 5 relatives got equipped with Confidence devices to test the features together with the primary end-users. The Romanian participants are supported from employees of Ana Aslan.


20th February 2014

Confidence consortium meeting in Salzburg

Following the mid-term-review the consortium used the chance to make a one-day consortium meeting. All team members started discussions on how to integrate and transpose best the suggestions of the reviewers. Further open tasks and next steps could be defined. The team finished their 2-days stay in Salzburg with an evening promenade on the Mönchsberg past to the fortress and a typical Austrian dinner.

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19th February 2014

Confidence Mid-term review

In the mid of February the mid-term-review as a big event for the whole consortium took place. We were happy to welcome Jerome de Barros (CMU representative), Roland Pouillie (reviewer), Richard Curry (reviewer), Ralph Feichtinger (lead NCP) and Barbla Ruegg (NCP) at Salzburg to showcase Confidence’ progress. Each consortium member presented the parts he is responsible for. Further the system was demonstrated successfully. The progress was rated as very good and we got valuable suggestions on how to move on.

2014-02-19 09.08.57    2014-02-19 10.31.10


20th January 2014

Confidence – a real-world test

Finally we could start the field trials! 51 motivated primary end-users from Austria and Switzerland began to use Confidence for the next 6 weeks. In Switzerland our users come from 3 different cantons – Lucerne, Thurgau and Appenzell. Additionally to the primary end-users 5 relatives are equipped with Confidence devices in order to test also the features where a counterpart is needed (e.g. the video function). 5 Confidence Assistants from the organization “Roter Faden” support the users during these 6 weeks and report their feedback. In Austria 25 primary end-users from Pongau – a rural part of Salzburg – are currently testing the system. The Confidence Assistants are employees of the Confidence partner Hilfswerk Salzburg. 3 Confidence Assistants and 2 relatives are equipped with Confidence devices in Austria.


13th – 15th January 2014

Confidence Developer Days

The Confidence developer team started the new year full of enthusiasm and motivation because they had to reach a big goal. Developers from the iHomeLab, ilogs and Salzburg Research met in Salzburg to finalize the first release of Confidence. And they managed it! After some month of developing and testing and 3 days of intensive teamwork Confidence 1.0 was ready to get tested by 150 real end-users in Austria, Switzerland and Romania.


28th and 29th November 2013


On 29th of November Confidence was presented as part of the talk “Elektronische Assistenz für Pflegedienste und ältere Menschen” (Electronic assistance for care organizations and elderly people) given by Cornelia Schneider at the pflegekongress13 ( in Vienna.


18th and 19th November 2013

Acceptance Test in Romania

On 18th of October Confidence has been presented to 10 employees of Ana Aslan. Furthermore they were trained on the system to be able to conduct acceptance tests with 10 primary and 5 secondary end users on the next day. For the acceptance tests 4 groups were formed. Each group has tested the main functions “SOS”, “Map”, “Help”, “Weather” and “Calendar”. A lot of feedback has been collected and will now be incorporated.

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5th November 2013

Acceptance Test 2 in Switzerland

On October 30th, the second acceptance test for Switzerland took place and was a success. In the “Roter Faden” – an institution working with people suffering from dementia – three groups of testers could extensively test the newest version of Confidence. Since mid of July, its design had been enhanced. Following user feedback, the user interface and the image contrast had been optimized, and the developer team had been able to integrate more features. Therefore it was possible to thoroughly test the features «Find my way» and «Weather & Tips».
All enhanced and new features were embraced very positively by the end users as well as their relatives and the carers. Again we have received valuable feedback which is incorporated in the ongoing development of Confidence.
We would like to use this opportunity to thank all involved persons for their lively interest in this project, for their commitment and their hospitality. We are looking forward to the ongoing collaboration in the upcoming field tests.


4th November 2013

Confidence @ the AAL JP workshop “Raising the awareness of AAL JP activities”

We were happy to attend this workshop in Vienna, which had the objective to promote exchange of experience and opinion among representatives of local and regional authorities and to raise the awareness of the AAL JP among European regions. Regional and municipal representatives and politicians and National representatives of the AAL programme attended the workshop to share their experiences. We got the possibility to present Confidence and show our first implemented prototype.


16th October 2013

Confidence Acceptance Test 2

Since the last Acceptance Tests in Austria and Switzerland the Confidence developers worked hard to realize the wishes and suggestions of our end-users. Further they turned the “Confidence Assistant mock-up app” into a real working application including different functionality. We were happy that 7 primary end-users, their relatives and carers were excited to test these features. So the second Acceptance Test took place in St. Johann in Austria. We got some new suggestions to further improve our software. We are looking forward to the second Acceptance Test in Switzerland which will take place in two weeks!

2013-10-16 15.37.392013-10-16 15.40.22

2013-10-16 15.37.232013-10-16 15.36.45


11th October 2013

Confidence at Alzheimer Europe


From 10th to 12th October the annually Alzheimer Europe conference (meanwhile the 23rd) took place. We had the opportunity to present Confidence within the session “Assistive technologies”. Thanks to the interested auditorium an interesting discussion has taken place after the presentation. A lot of impressions and ideas could be taken home from the conference and will now be incorporated into the project.


4th October 2013

Workshop “Was kann Design für mich tun?”

In development of new applications design always plays a major role especially when dealing with special target groups like people with dementia in the Confidence project. Therefore Salzburg Research (V. Willner) attended the interesting design workshop “Dienstleistungsdesign im Gesundheitswesen: Gelenkrheumatismus und Demenz” within the context of “Vienna Design Weeks”. Due to the different professions of the participants – design students, design teachers, care professionals, physiologists, … – we had the opportunity to discuss about the project from different points of view.

23rd September 2013

Confidence in Sweden

By the end of September the Confidence consortium met in Norrköping, where also the AAL Forum 2013 took place. Important points of the meeting have been the organization of the field trials in Austria, Switzerland and Romania and different development tasks including a coding session. Further we had the possibility to extensively present Confidence on the AAL Forum. In addition iHomeLab presented the Confidence system on their booth so that visitors had the chance to test the mobile applications of Confidence. Salzburg Research presented the project at the side event “Bringing Together Indoor and Outdoor Mobility Solutions” and at the session “Neurodegenerative diseases & dementia”. Further a poster was presented.



20th August 2013

Asking Helga Rohra about the Confidence prototype

We were very happy that Mrs. Rohra agreed to meet us again in Munich. We showed her our previous developments on the smartphone. We got valuable advice on how to realize the FindMyWay function. Owing to her, we considered some new aspects concerning device selection. It is amazing how these personal conversations with Mrs. Rohra help us to press ahead with Confidence. Many thanks to Mrs. Rohra!


15th August 2013

The Confidence team is looking forward to Sweden

Confidence will be introduced at this year’s AAL Forum in Norrköping in the session A1. Additionally, a poster will be presented at the poster session. Also, the Confidence team will use this opportunity to hold a consortium meeting in Sweden.

31st July 2013

Do Austrian and Swiss users like Confidence?

In July acceptance tests took place in Switzerland and Austria. In each country a couple of users were involved. The tests took place in the familiar atmosphere of an end-user organization. The features of the Confidence Assistant were realized as mock-ups directly on smartphones. Every primary end-user could test the application and gave his feedback. It was really enriching for the Confidence team members who took part in the tests. As Rolf said: “You see for what and for whom you are working. And it even seems to make sense!” We got a lot of feedback, both for the design, and for the functionality. 5 important findings:

  • users like symbols, but they have to be very clear
  • some of our labels are confusing
  • sound quality is more important than image quality
  • image contrast has to be very good
  • tones have to be chosen carefully to match the requirements of elderly users


26th June 2013

Confidence assumes a definite form

Based on the detailed descriptions of all modules provided by the responsible technical partners, our designer Ralph realized a first design for the Confidence Assistant – our Android application for the primary end-users. As we are very excited to know what the users think about the design, we decided to make an acceptance test with a few users in Austria and Switzerland.We would not keep back the so-called HomeScreen! Et voilà …








30th May 2013

Confidence will be present at the 23rd Alzheimer Europe Conference

24th May 2013

Confidence @ eHealth Summit Austria 2013

Confidences’ tailored approach to generate user requirements was presented at the Austrian eHealth event in Vienna. Following paper was published:

Collecting user requirements for electronic assistance for people with dementia: a case study in three countries – Cornelia Schneider, Viktoria Willner, Manfred Feichtenschlager, Alexey Andrushevich, Luiza Spiru – 05/2013; in proceeding of: eHealth2013


7th May 2013

Confidence Architecture is ready

Technical team members finished their work on the official system architecture document. We would like to provide a little insight by showing an overview of hardware and software components from a user’s perspective.



Primary end-users (people suffering from mild to moderate dementia) carry a mobile device (a smartphone, wristwatch, etc.) with software installed, sending location information, fall detection, or information regarding triggered buttons straight to the Confidence server environment. A phone call can be initiated directly from the application to the secondary end-user (e.g. a relative). A secondary end-user might possess an own smartphone with a special Confidence application installed. The application provides a GUI for contacting the primary end-user via voice or video call, getting event information, and displaying a map with the current location of the primary end-user for guidance. Additionally, the Confidence system provides a web-based front-end for configuration and supporting purposes.


18th – 19th March 2013

Confidence get-together in the Netherlands

In spring, the Confidence team met in Delft. As we continue with our work our tasks, became more and more detailed. So also this meeting had two special focuses: system and field trials. Within the system part, developers got together to discuss the system architecture and system requirements which were defined so far. Further, the future features of the system were discussed and outlined in detail. In parallel, end-user organizations and team members who will be involved in the field trials discussed them in the field trials session. Country specific ethical issues were declared, and the organization of the field trials in Austria, Switzerland and Romania were defined. After closing the separate parts, the Confidence team got together again and members of the system and field trials parts presented their findings. Also at this meeting the culture was not missed out: the Confidence team could enjoy a nice city tour through Delft!


28th February 2013

Confidence 1st Annual Report

We made our first official report about completed and ongoing work. Major points of the report, which was sent to the CMU and the lead NCP, were:

  • a tailored approach to generate user requirements has been developed, which can be customized to specific needs in different countries
  • the user requirements document is finalized
  • a CI and a video clip have been designed
  • a first version of the user interface concept is available
  • a first version of dissemination plan is available
  • a draft version of a user training concept has been developed
  • work on system requirements is still ongoing
  • work on system architecture is still ongoing
  • a market analysis for Austria and Switzerland has been started
  • Confidence was presented at AAL Forum 2012, AAL Forum Styria and IT LAW.AT Symposium

22nd February 2013

Confidence @ Infotag neuro.psycho.geriatrie 2013

The main topic of this year’s health day in Vienna was “aging – yesterday, today, tomorrow”. This day was a good opportunity to tell a broad audience, consisting mainly not of technicians, about Confidence.








6th February 2013

What Helga Rohra thinks about Confidence …

Cornelia and Viktoria met Helga Rohra in Munich. She campaigns for people with dementia and suffers from the disease by herself. Mrs. Rohra told us about projects she was involved in and products she has already tested. She gave us advice, what to consider and what to avoid. The meeting was very fruitful and helped us to see Confidence from a different angle. The essence was to make the system as configurable as possible because, no two patients are alike!

6th January 2013

The Confidence team starts the year filled with motivation

Based on first ideas, users’ input and the consortium meeting’s outcome, we will finalize the deliverable “2.1. End-User Requirements”. The technical partners start working on the system requirements document which should be the guideline for the following development of the system. The document will be generated according to the IEEE guidelines. In parallel, work begins on designing the system architecture. Further jobs are the creation of a user training concept, planning of the field trials, and definition of a dissemination plan.

3rd – 4th December 2012

The Confidence consortium met in Switzerland

In December, the consortium set off for Luzern. After an amazing visit to the iHomeLab, the consortium began their work. Country specific findings of the stakeholder workshops were presented and several user requirements were consolidated. Developers worked on system architecture and requirements. Designers and end-user organization members thought about possible user interfaces. Swisscom presented their findings concerning market analysis in Austria and Switzerland. Our work ended with the definition of next steps and the distribution of tasks. The meeting was closed with a tour through snowy Luzern and delicious Swiss cheese fondue. Merry Christmas!










15th November 2012

What do Confidence users think?

As the consortium agrees that the most important thing to consider is the users’ opinion, we tried to involve them as soon as possible. So in the middle of November, workshops with the prospective users took place in Austria, Switzerland and Romania. In all three countries people suffering from dementia, their relatives and care professionals were involved. They spoke about their problems within their daily routines. Additionally, experts in Switzerland were interviewed using a questionnaire. Services which would be really helpful were collected and matched with our first ideas. A feature list was generated. Later on the user requirements document will be developed based on these findings.


8th October 2012

A teaser representing Confidence

Ralph Eichenberger produced a short clip which presents the idea of Confidence.



25th September 2012

Confidence @ AAL Forum 2012

Salzburg Research presented the project at the AAL Forum 2012 in Eindhoven. Following paper was published:

CONFIDENCE – A Mobility Safeguarding Assistance Service with Community Functionality for People with Dementia – Schneider C., Willner V. – AAL Forum 2012, Eindhoven.


9th September 2012

What should Confidence be able to?

In a first draft the project consortium defined some basic functions which should be provided. It was decided that Confidence should address the following issues:

  • support/preparation at home
  • preparations for errands away from home
  • Community platform
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Location tracking

3 personas which represent the countries Austria, Switzerland and Romania were created. It was described how these persons could use Confidence in the future.


28th August 2012

Confidence in the news

Concerning the project start, a press release was created by Salzburg Research. We are very proud that it was widely published in Austrian media:


11th  – 12th June 2012

Confidence Kick-Off

At least one representative of every partner organization traveled to Salzburg to start working on our common vision called CONFIDENCE. Even a member of the Austrian FFG was present to clarify organizational questions. The individual ideas and wishes were presented by every partner and discussed within the whole project team. A rough roadmap was defined to reach the common goal on time. During two days of hard work some free time for other activities couldn’t be missed out. In the evening we enjoyed an interesting sightseeing tour through the beautiful city of Salzburg.